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Ethernet Solutions

Advancing "Ethernet Everywhere" In Next-Generation Networks

Microsemi Corporation is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance. Microsemi products include high-performance ICs, application software, and integrated turnkey systems solutions for Carrier, Enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide, enabling the fastest-growing network infrastructure markets including Mobile Access/IP Edge, Cloud Access and Industrial-IoT Networking.


Microsemi has extensive systems understanding and Ethernet networking expertise, solving general industry needs for over 30 years, along with our customers' design challenges. Explore how we can solve yours.
Globally, networks are undergoing a massive transition. For most networks, this means a migration to packet-based Ethernet technology. Originally conceived as a Local Area Networking (LAN) technology, Ethernet is the dominant networking technology for today's IP traffic in Carrier and Enterprise networks. Ethernet is now also proliferating to a myriad of other networking applications such as Industrial Process Control, Smart-Grid Energy Distribution, Transportation, Automotive, Storage and more.

Carrier Networking

To address the technical and operational challenges driven by the explosive growth of video bandwidth requirements in Carrier networks, Microsemi's Ethernet SwitchesEthernet PHYs, Signal Conditioners and Network Synchronization (including Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588 PLL) ICs are widely used in Mobile Access equipment including base stations, small cells, fiber and microwave wireless backhaul, as well as Cloud Access equipment such as network interface devices (NIDs) and Ethernet access devices (EADs) used for delivering business services.

Enterprise Networking

Like the Carrier networks, Enterprises also face networking challenges for voice and data services within the organization itself. Increasingly, Enterprise networks also include broadband connections to Carrier networks for the broader communication of voice and data outside the Enterprise, particularly for access to cloud-based services. Microsemi's Ethernet SwitchesEthernet PHYs, Signal Conditioners, Power over Ethernet (PoE) PSE ICs and PD ICs, as well as its Ethernet Software & IP, address a variety
of Enterprise network equipment including blade server and data center switches and routers, cloud-managed switches, Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed Ethernet switches, high-density routers, HDTV video, storage, WLAN Access Points, IP Phones and more.
Microsemi also makes complete PoE Midspans and PoE Switches for Indoor and Outdoor applications, fit for a broad set of industries, such as Financial
, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Transportation and Government.

IoT Networking

While proprietary protocols have long dominated networking communications within industrial IoT applications, the increased networking and higher bandwidth requirements of IoT networks makes Ethernet the ideal upgrade path. Microsemi is leveraging its Ethernet expertise and the R&D synergies between IoT networking and its traditional Carrier and Enterprise markets to deliver a portfolio of Ethernet Switches, href="">Ethernet PHYs, PoE PSE ICs, PoE PD ICs and IEEE 1588 PLLs and Software for Ethernet-based IoT networks such as industrial process control,
smart grid energy distribution, transportation, automotive, and others. Microsemi's PoE Systems product line includes Industrial PoE Midspans.


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